Letting You do the Work.

This is Busy

Busy is a simple tool for software project management. It includes a wiki, code browser, and a task tracker (bug tracker). Busy is currently under development. You are however looking at a productive deployment.

The outstanding feature is the donation engine. Busy is supposed to keep track of the projects financial value and to provide an interface to easily donate to the project. It is planned to include support for:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Flattr

Where can I get it?

You can check out the alpha version from svn:

svn co http://svn.plutz.net/busy/trunk busy

How do I run it?

Busy is written in 100% Unix Shell Script (zsh). It uses CGI for communication with the webserver and requires only some Unix shell utilities. All data is stored in file system only.

If you feel disappointed, because some of the mentioned features are not yet implemented, just try again in a week, or write an email. Busy is actively developed.

Bitcoin Support

The donation section can now display a link for bitcoin donations. Just by entering your bitcoin address in the admin panel a qr code will be generated. Automatic wallet setup and management is not yet implemented, so you will have to run your own bitcoin wallet.

We also implemented an advertisement panel which you can enable at your own discretion. We use BitcoinAdvertisers as a free, anonymous, quick and simple advertisement service.

Admin Interface

Project meta data, like repository location, project title, and donation addresses can now be changed interactively. Instead of editing the meta file on your web servers hard disk, you can now use an admin page, which is served to authenticated admin users.

First Productive Deployment

Although Busy is still in alpha stage with many missing features it has now been deployed to manage its first project: Visit http://stereofy.plutz.net


Take a look at acl.sh to see how to configure acls in busy.


File was renamed to permissions.sh since we don't really do ACLs

Task Tracker

I am currently implementing the task tracker.

News Engine implemented

This is the first news post that uses the freshly implemented Busy News engine.